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Dr. Ladd McNamara

Dr. Ladd McNamara is a former board-certified medical doctor, specializing in anti-aging and nutraceutical medicine.  He is author of many books on nutritional supplements; the use of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to reduce the risk, and even reverse chronic degenerative diseases.  His best-selling book is “The Cholesterol Conspiracy.”  Dr. McNamara was a founder and served many years as a member of the Medical Advisory Board of USANA Health Sciences, Inc.  He has successfully coached many frustrated people in finally losing weight with the USANA RESET Program along with a low glycemic diet and modest exercise.  Vitamins and minerals are extremely important in cellular metabolism, insulin and sugar control, and burning off of fat.

Reset Your Life Principles [PDF] - This information that Dr. Ladd McNamara has provided our team is a great asset to building your business.

Check out his blog:  http://laddmcnamara.blogspot.com

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McNamara - Advanced Wellness Series (4 books) $19.95 for set

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I wanted to let as many people know about my upcoming speaking engagements (most of which are posted on Upcoming Events on the USANA associate website ...both under the local listing AND under the Medical Advisory Board events).